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Allianz is extremely active in fraud prevention. Under their “zero tolerance” motto, fraud specialists can be found throughout the organization.

  • Zero Tolerance in action
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Optimizing fraud investigations

Anadolu Sigorta

Anadolu Sigorta had a challenge with detecting fraudulent claims in the claims department. The results:

  • ROI of 210% within 1 year
  • Extra cost savings of 5 million Euro within 1 year
  • Process efficiency from 15 days to 2.3 seconds

El Roble

“With FRISS, we are breaking down the paradigm that claims processes cannot be automated.”

  • From Kick-Off to Go-Live in only 6 months
  • 67% time savings at claim handling
  • Reduced administrative costs


One of the largest insurers in Sweden fights fraud more effectively in both the claims and investigation process

  • 20% more fraud investigations
  • Continuously detecting and identifying suspicious claims
  • FRISS Solution designed to specifically address the unique needs of insurance businesses


How do you build a profitable portfolio as a 100% online insurer?

  • Know Your Customer with automated Risk Assessment
  • Attract the right customers
  • Continuously optimized algorithms


“Our target is to make sure that high risks and fraud cannot enter our books.”

  • Significant increase in the fraud detection awareness
  • The solution was implemented quite smoothly.
  • Integrated solution both for motor underwriting and claims

Malta Insurance Association

MIA's request: "How can insurers work together to prevent and fight fraud?"

  • Major Fraud network uncovered
  • Benchmark for success rates of fraud cases
  • Compliant to existing law and regulations


Reaal is a large Dutch insurer and uses FRISS solutions for all its insurance products. This enables the organization to fully focus on its customers.

  • Seamless integration between internal & external data
  • Healty portfolio growth
  • Creating a fraud-fighting culture

Signal Iduna

One of the largest insurers in Germany fights fraud more effectively in both the claims and investigation process

  • More effective fraud investigations
  • Implementation within 6 months
  • Hybrid model with Internal & external data models


UNIQA notices a fundamental change in consumer expectations and needs. The company is therefore focusing its growth around digitalization.

  • Able to detect and prevent fraud
  • More efficient and profitable operations with FRISS
  • Improved customer experience


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