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FRISS’s Trust Automation Platform provides real-time, data-driven scores and insights that give instant confidence and understanding of the inherent risks of all customers and interactions. Based on next-generation AI insurance technology, Trust Automation allows you to confidently manage trust throughout the insurance value chain – from the first quote all the way through claims and investigations when needed. Enable straight-through processing, automatically flag high risks and increase customer satisfaction.  

FRISS Underwriting


Write policies faster, consistent and without bias. Spot high risks thanks to advanced, real-time analytics and a multitude of available data points. Honest customers alone are the ones entering your book of business.

FRISS Compliance


Gain and maintain end-to-end trust throughout the policy lifecycle. Instantly comply with regulatory requirements (AML / CDD / KYC) in a split second. Receive alerts when unwanted changes occur in your portfolio by continuously monitoring all policies.

FRISS Claims

Claims Screening

Screen all claims within seconds, allowing you to pay out trustworthy claims faster, reduce your loss ratio and improve customer satisfaction. Consistently screen claims to improve referrals and catch fraud. The system ensures that suspicious claims never go unnoticed.

FRISS Investigations

Special Investigations

Verify trust you’ve invested and reveal all suspicious behavior. Deliver structured and confidential fact building for all flagged claims. Fraud schemes are added to the learning cycle, where the machine learning process ensures all other solutions get smarter along the way.

Profitable insurance with FRISS

Million screenings
per year
Billion $ saved
per year
Average customer

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We realized a total fraud savings of $21million within the first 2 years, and increased our fraud savings per investigator from $550.000 to $2million.

Irene Reihs
Project Leader

FRISS helps Frende deliver excellent customer experience and safe and secure claims handling. We are very happy working with FRISS and are looking forward to a bright future together.

Hallvard Natvik
Chief Information Officer

FRISS helps us screen policy applications. We call this touchless trust: Good customers are accepted instantly.

Tony Dingemanse
Director of projects & Ventures

FRISS is automatically consulted for all new policy applications. The screenings are decisive and help us decide what should be accepted, reviewed, or rejected.

Frank van Wessel
Managing Director

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