FRISS acquires Polonious Insurance Investigations. Find out how together we will take investigations to the next level.

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Today’s digital world is a fraudster paradise, yet an insurer nightmare. And with 18% of all claims said to contain elements of fraud, it is not a victimless crime. FRISS protects insurers by enabling safe digital transformation straight from their core systems to make insurance more honest, grow healthy portfolios and increase customer satisfaction. Because we believe insurance is a beautiful thing.

Profitable Insurance with FRISS.

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Risk Assessment at Underwriting

“FRISS has made Allianz’s underwriting process both faster and more efficient, ensuring continuous compliance.”Natasja Voorsluijs, Data Analyst at Allianz Direct Benelux

What can our Underwriting Solution do for you?

  • Real-time Risk Assessment
  • Straight-through Processing
  • Data-driven Underwriting

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Fraud Detection at Claims

“We were looking for a best-in-class solution with a partner who brings vast insurance knowledge to the table and has proven experience in the fight against fraud.” -Andreas Kößl, Chief Retail Officer International Markets at UNIQA

What can our Claims Solution do for you?

  • Real-Time Detection
  • Time to value within 12 months
  • Seamless Integration

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Investigations at SIU

“We not only achieve savings by preventing and resolving fraud, but also by optimizing fraud investigations and subsequent prosecution.” Jos Vonk, Central Senior Fraud Coordinator at Allianz Benelux

What can our SIU Solution do for you?

  • Efficient Workflow Management
  • 130+ External Data Sources
  • Structured Reporting

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Underwriting Insights

“The product is built by people who understand insurance, and the underwriters’ intent is a great advantage over the competition.” Senior VP & Head of Casualty Business, Tier 1 US Carrier

What can our Underwriting Insights Solution do for you?

  • Understand Risk in 5 Seconds
  • Know Your Customer’s Operation
  • Improve Data Completeness and Accuracy

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Automate risk assessment to get standardized, fast, unbiassed and holistic views of risks at policy request, renewals, claims. Seamlessly integrated in real-time in day-to-day operations. Leverage the power of predictive models, image analysis, network viewing capabilities, geolocation and more. Transfer flagged cases to special investigations. Increase your bottom line savings up to 10 times. Assess risks in real time. Pay out legitimate claims faster. Minimize false positives to spend time on cases that matter. Reduce fraud losses. Improve the customer experience. For commercial and personal lines. Onboard good customers in a split second. Be compliant with rules and regulations. Seamlessly integrate our software into your core systems. Grow healthy insurance portfolios and create moments of magic for your sincere customers. Autonomous Underwriting. Holistic underwriting insights. Low touch claims. Comprehensive case management.

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