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Risk Assessment and
Fraud Detection Software

Our AI-powered anti-fraud software helps you increase your direct fraud savings over 3x. Improve your customer experience at underwriting and rapidly detect insurance fraud in claims. Enhance fraud operations with fraud analytics embedded seamlessly into your everyday process. Prove more fraud cases in less time and enrich your investigations with external data sources. FRISS enables you to grow healthy insurance portfolios and pay better attention to your genuine customers.

Automatically Identify High Risks and Grow a Profitable Portfolio

Reduce your loss ratio and focus on profitable portfolio growth. Detect insurance fraud before claims are paid out. Assess risks real-time during the underwriting process and enable claims automation. Our clients realize an ROI immediately after going live.

Use Insurance Fraud Prevention Software for Your Digital Transformation

Benefit from predictive analytics and apply customer value models. Leverage internal and external data sources. Reveal networks and discover hidden patterns. Improve your business with deep P&C insurance knowledge, embedded in robust anti-fraud software. Score your claims in under three seconds.

Digitalize Your Underwriting and Claims Processes

Payout genuine claims three times faster and onboard new customers in a split second to improve your end-to-end customer experience. Mitigate risks with a uniform and data-driven screening to maximize accuracy. Automatically detect suspicious claims.

End-to-End Insurance Fraud Analytics

Benefit from the experience of 150+ implementations at P&C insurers worldwide.
Each FRISS product works stand-alone and can seamlessly integrate into any core system (Guidewire, Duck Creek, Keylane and more). And to establish a SaaS end-to-end fraud and risk strategy, you can easily combine FRISS Risk Assessment, FRISS Fraud Detection and FRISS Investigation. We’ve got you covered.


Risk Assessment

Build a profitable portfolio.
Protect it against high risks and insurance
fraud. Onboard new customers in a split second.


  • Real-Time risk assessment
  • Straight-Through processing
  • Data-Driven underwriting
  • Seamless customer onboarding

Fraud Detection

Automatically detect fraudulent claims. Lower your loss ratio and the false positives. Improve the customer experience by realizing fast pay-outs.


  • Real-Time detection
  • AI, predictive analytics & more
  • ROI within 12 months
  • Seamless integration


Simplify your operations with a core system designed for Special Investigation Units. Benefit from tailored workflows, flexible rules to help investigators focus on their work.


  • Efficient workflow management
  • Structured reporting
  • 130+ external data sources
  • Intuitive UI designed
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Trusted by
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