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3 Learnings to Successful Commercial Underwriting

How to prevent fraud throughout the full policy lifecycle with data-driven real time decisions

Redesigning Insurance – Why Full Transparency Is The Key To Honesty

In his conversation with FRISS, Max Bazerman explains behavioral science in the business world and his expertise relevant to the insurance industry.
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Everything Clear In The Portfolio? An E-Book from FRISS in collaboration with Keylane

How well do you know your customers? This FRISS and Keylane e-Book will show you how to create a value-optimized portfolio.

2020 Insurance Fraud Report

See the latest digital trends in insurance. This report contains input from nearly 500 insurance professionals worldwide.

Leverage The Internet As An Effective Source Of Intelligence With Web-IQ Business

With the online due diligence solution of Web-IQ, FRISS turns the internet into an effective source of intelligence.
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FRISS DevConnect Add-on for Guidewire ClaimCenter

FRISS helps carriers detect fraud, block payments and provide a supreme customer experience - directly in Guidewire ClaimCenter.
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Putting The I in AI

Leveraging AI? First step is to identify a business challenge. Learn from this conversation with Duck Creek’s Joe Dzigiel and insurance veteran Jim Murphy.
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Commercial Underwriting. Do You Really Know Your Customer?

This e-book deals with the question of how automated risk assessment can play an important role in the commercial risk underwriting process.
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Trust Your Customer. Why Increased Digitization Asks For Safe Real-Time Underwriting Decisions.

Trust your customer. Celent's Karlyn Carnahan explains why increased digitization asks for safe real-time underwriting decisions.

Discovering Dishonesty. Keys to Detecting Dishonest Behavior and Driving Change.

Three insurance veterans share their expertise on how to tackle dishonesty and focus more on the good customers in times when this matters most.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence in Insurance

Artificial intelligence tends to be a term that has a lot of buzz around it. This ebook will explain how it can be applied, especially...
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What’s the Best Way to use Third Party Data Sources? Through Automation!

Using third party data sources can really provide an extra lift in a risk or fraud score for both underwriting and claims.
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The Computer Says Yes – Automated Underwriting: Too Good to be True?

Automated Underwriting was just a trending topic a few years ago, but insurance carriers have begun to realize its true value in dollars. You know...

Fraud Detection Comparison Guide

An automated solution for fraud risk assessment, fraud detection and fraud analytics needs the right mix of expertise, specialized tools and skill sets. Compare for...

FRISS Fraud Detection for Duck Creek Claims

The Anywhere Enabled Integration enables P&C insurers to more quickly realize digitalization and touchless claims without losing necessary controls.
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Real-life Insurance Fraud Cases

This ebook will tell you the stories behind several real-life insurance fraud cases. Find out what motivates fraudsters?
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Fraud Detection: The Build versus Buy debate

This whitepaper considers a dilemma which many businesses have. It is about the question whether it is better to develop the technology yourself or to...
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Comparing Insurance Distribution Channels

Distribution channels in the insurance business sector are changing rapidly. If you would like to know more about what this means to risk analysis and...
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How to Successfully Align my Organization?

Starting a project for an automated insurance fraud detection system. This ebook is for insurance professionals that acknowledge fraud and high risks are a challenge...
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Insurance Fraudsters Uncovered

Fraudsters are always looking for the weak spot. This ebook provides insight on the following: What drives the fraudster? How to define the fraudster? And...
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How To Get Continuous Value From Your IT Systems

The time where projects were easy to define and execute are long gone. Nowadays, software implementations often stretch over years and involve a great number...
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The Biggest Fraud Challenges for Insurance Companies

This ebook answers insurers' biggest challenges in effectively responding to fraud. Learn about the success factors and how to avoid pitfalls.
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Utilizing Data to Effectively Fight Fraud – The Ultimate Guide

In this ebook we provide answers to insurers' biggest challenges in effectively responding to fraud. Learn how data can support the fight against fraud instead...
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Selecting an Insurance Fraud Detection System

A Trial Implementation: the valuable alternative to a Proof of Concept (PoC). This white paper discusses an alternative that evaluates the same criteria as a...
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How Insurers Are In Control of Risks at Underwriting

It is important to have a clear picture of potential customers before they enter an insurance portfolio. Insurers should decide on the amount of risk...
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How Insurers Increase the Number of Proven Fraud Cases at Claims

Traditionally the claims department gets the highest priority within insurers when it comes to fighting fraud. In this ebook, three international insurance companies share their...
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Effective Fraud Fighting Through Cooperation Between Insurers

Fraudsters are creative in their approach and if they commit fraud at one insurer, they can easily move to another insurer without being alerted as...
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