Customer Experience and Fraud Analytics

In this e-book, Karlyn Carnahan from Celent explains how fraud analytics technology and improving the customer experience go hand in hand.


Insurance Fraud Survey 2019

The 2019 Insurance Fraud Survey shows a clear picture of the state of the market, including current challenges of fraud detection and mitigation.


Digital Transformation in Insurance Survey 2018

Digital transformation provides the insurance industry with the opportunity to use technology in order to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and realize new strategic opportunities. But what is the current state of the market?


Fraud Vendor Selection Checklist

Starting of with automated fraud analytics is not a decision that can be made overnight. Our checklist is a guide to consider the right things, when it comes to comparing the options for a fraud analytics solution.


FRISS Accelerator for Guidewire ClaimCenter

The FRISS accelerator for Guidewire ClaimCenter enables a touchless claims experience by scoring claims automatically with the help of powerful AI and analytics.

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Getting ROI When Investing in a Fraud Detection System

In this on-demand webinar, insurance specialist Thomas Brinkmann will show how to build a solid business case to invest in an automated fraud detection system.


Real-life Insurance Fraud Cases

This ebook will tell you the stories behind several real-life insurance fraud cases. Find out what motivates fraudsters?

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Celent: The Next Stage of Digital Fraud Analytics

Karlyn Carnahan from Celent looks at the role of fraud analytics tools as an enabler of customer experience.


Fraud Detection: The Build versus Buy debate

This whitepaper considers a dilemma which many businesses have. It is about the question whether it is better to develop the technology yourself or to obtain it elsewhere.


Comparing Insurance Distribution Channels

Distribution channels in the insurance business sector are changing rapidly. If you would like to know more about what this means to risk analysis and fraud detection, this e-book is for you.

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Comparing Insurance Distribution Channels: Online vs Personal = Efficient vs Expensive?

We will show you how delivery models like brokers and online changed in the past years and how these changes bring different risks.


How to Successfully Align my Organization?

Starting a project for an automated insurance fraud detection system. This ebook is for insurance professionals that acknowledge fraud and high risks are a challenge for your organization. It helps you with an approach on why, how and when you can get the various stakeholders on board in order to make your anti-fraud project a success.


Insurance Fraudsters Uncovered

Fraudsters are always looking for the weak spot. This ebook provides insight on the following: What drives the fraudster? How to define the fraudster? And how to stay ahead of their game? Insurance Fraudsters Uncovered will show a glimpse of the world of the insurance fraudster.


How To Get Continuous Value From Your IT Systems

The time where projects were easy to define and execute are long gone. Nowadays, software implementations often stretch over years and involve a great number of stakeholders. Hence: the Value Cycle Methodology.


The Biggest Fraud Challenges for Insurance Companies

This ebook answers insurers' biggest challenges in effectively responding to fraud. Learn about the success factors and how to avoid pitfalls.

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Blockchain for Insurers: The Future of Fraud Fighting?

We show you how blockchain can help in shaping the future of insurance fraud fighting. Why the hype, what are current developments, and how is the blockchain already in use? What you can do to start working with blockchain tomorrow?


Utilizing Data to Effectively Fight Fraud – The Ultimate Guide

In this ebook we provide answers to insurers' biggest challenges in effectively responding to fraud. Learn how data can support the fight against fraud instead of being a dreadful hurdle.


Selecting an Insurance Fraud Detection System

A Trial Implementation: the valuable alternative to a Proof of Concept (PoC). This white paper discusses an alternative that evaluates the same criteria as a PoC, but which brings constructive value to the insurer within the selection process.


How Insurers Are In Control of Risks at Underwriting

It is important to have a clear picture of potential customers before they enter an insurance portfolio. Insurers should decide on the amount of risk they are willing to take in. In this ebook, 4 insurance companies share their experience on the way they are in control of risks at underwriting.


How Insurers Increase the Number of Proven Fraud Cases at Claims

Traditionally the claims department gets the highest priority within insurers when it comes to fighting fraud. In this ebook, three international insurance companies share their experiences from the fight against fraud.


Insurance Fraud & Digital Transformation Survey 2016

The published report of the “Insurance Fraud & Digital Transformation Survey 2016”. The survey was conducted by FRISS to get direct input on trends, challenges and the current state of the insurance industry. Input was provided by 160+ insurance professionals from 25+ countries.


Effective Fraud Fighting Through Cooperation Between Insurers

Fraudsters are creative in their approach and if they commit fraud at one insurer, they can easily move to another insurer without being alerted as a high risk. Stakeholders in the insurance industry should make sure that they join forces by sharing data in order to stay ahead of the fraud game.

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