Core system vendors


We are committed to ensuring a fair and transparent insurance market.

  • Real-time insight into the risks associated with applying for a new policy
  • Thorough examination of the history of involved parties, conducted using FraudPool
  • Accurate risk assessment thanks to consistent and objective screening
Core system vendors

Duck Creek

Let’s shape the future of insurance together

  • Enables a touchless claims experience
  • Focus on suspicious claims only
  • Standardized and validated integration by Duck Creek
Core system vendors


FRISS’s Fraud Detection at Claims accelerator for Guidewire ClaimCenter™ provides better insight into potential fraud and risk.

  • Fast track claims
  • Integrated into ClaimCenter
  • Provides claims teams with better insight to potential fraud and risk
Core system vendors


Keylane and FRISS have a long standing business relation and have delivered integrated fraud solutions for multiple mutual clients.

  • Make your fraud checks in real time
  • Improve claim handling time
  • Leverage the power of AI when handling claims
Alliance Partners

Munich Re

As a leading global reinsurer worldwide, we appreciate that our clients expect excellence from Munich Re. That is why we need to offer top class solutions in order to remain relevant to our customers.

  • Help customers gain a competitive advantage
  • Establish successful relationships
  • Introduce innovations to the market
Core system vendors


Sapiens continues to work diligently to expand their partner ecosystem, so that their customers benefit from the latest innovations.

  • End to end fraud analytics
  • Seamless Integration
  • Real-time feedback during quotation, claims handling and investigations.
Implementation partners


FRISS offers a state-of-the-art modular SaaS solution that is a crucial component in Tieto’s Digital Insurance and Wealth solutions.

  • The platforms are modular by nature
  • New datatypes that are continuously added
  • FRISS provides the much-needed fraud and leakage management capability
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