How Did El Aguila Achieve 50% Decrease in Time Spent on Policy Applications and Claims

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  • Only 10% of all suspicious cases could be evaluated through their homegrown legacy systems, and otherwise by gut feeling

  • Difficulty in analyzing historical information to generate a fraud baseline

  • Lack of external information integration


  • FRISS Claims Analytics

  • FRISS Underwriting Analytics


  • 75% reduction of false positives

  • 50% decrease in time spent per policy application & claim

  • Implemented fast-track processing for acceptable risks


El Águila, Insurance Company, S.A. de C.V., is a company owned by Great American Insurance Group, a member of the American Financial Group (AFG). AFG is rated A+ by A.M. Best, with shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and assets of over 13 billion dollars. El Águila specializes in car insurance, operating in the Mexican market, tailoring their offerings to match customers’ unique insurance needs.


Seguros El Águila used to build and expand their applications internally. They recognized that at some point this system would not be comprehensive enough to check all claims, and only in specific situations would they be able to reviews suspicious cases. Unfortunately, information was regularly lost and nothing was done to investigate cases further.

At best, El Águila could only assess 10% of their 3,000 monthly cases; they weren’t sure if the remaining 90% were legitimate or not. As they relied a lot on experience from their staff, there was no method to scale and screen all claims in a standardized and unbiassed way.

For the claims that were screened, El Águila noticed they didn’t have an adequate system in place for data analysis or claims history. They needed more background information from previous cases and wanted to build a deny list they could use for future claims.


The main factor in El Águila’s decision to select FRISS, was that it’s not just an end-to-end automated fraud analytics solution. FRISS has an impact at all levels, at all stages of the underwriting and claims processes. Its innovative technology makes the entire operation more efficient.

“Fraud is dynamic and one very interesting thing about the FRISS solution is that it uses artificial intelligence, specifically through machine learning, data mining and data analysis to review the adjusters’ reports, and when we are assessing an accident, it evaluates claims reports.” Enrique Morales CEO of El Águila

During the onboarding process, the FRISS algorithms were tailored to the Mexican market in particular, using the local experience of El Águila employees and the needs of the market as a whole. This also made it possible to integrate already existing external databases.

“The speed at which we’re able to detect fraud with FRISS is beneficial not only for identifying and following the path of fraud, but it’s great for honest insureds too. Payment processes are significantly faster. In terms of our return on investment, it has been achieved within a year and I am extremely satisfied, because it’s a major risk you have to weigh before starting a project of this nature."

Enrique Morales, Executive Director

El Águila’s data is constantly reviewed and evaluated, allowing algorithms to be consistently recalibrated and tailored. Fraud itself is incredibly dynamic, so having a solution that can adapt to its ever-changing nature continues to be instrumental in El Águila’s success.




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