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FRISS Investigation at SIU

Improve your fraud operations with a core system designed specifically for SIU. Access external data sources in real time.

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3 Reasons Why POCs Are Holding You Back and How to Change That

Proof of Concepts are not as reliable as we once thought. Niek Verdoes, our Product Manager, outlines the three major problems with POCs, and offers an alternative method for choosing the best solution.


A FRISS View On The Series B Led By AKKR

The Series B will be used to fuel rapid market expansion, product innovation and the support of safe digital transformation throughout the full policy lifecycle.


Camera Data Betray Fraudulent Customer

Images are often requested by insurers, but checking whether a photo corresponds to the damage hardly ever takes place. What to do about that?


Fighting Fraud in the Information Age

Nicolas Michellod (Celent): "While the enemy of insurance fraud is not new, the weapons and battle ground are continuously changing."


Fraud: it is as old as time

Fraud was already widespread in Ancient Rome and it will probably never be eradicated. There will always be an ‘arms race’ between fraudsters and fraud investigators. This means that everyone who decides to make a career in fraud prevention has a golden future ahead of them.


How a Storyteller Catches a Terrorist

Peter de Kock is a film maker and former law enforcement professional. In 2014 he published his PhD thesis on predicting criminal behavior through a model based on narrative scenarios.


How Drones Can Help Determine Value, Damage And Detect Fraud.

A drone can quickly collect a large amount of footage of the affected property and its surroundings. In addition, photos can also be taken of places that are dangerous and difficult to access. These insights help the experts to quickly arrive at the most accurate cost tag.


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Image Analysis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is required to process large amounts of information and convert it into applicable knowledge and insights.


Medical Provider Fraud Could Never Happen to Us… Think Again!

How did 15 chiropractors worked together to rack up millions in fraudulent claims and kickbacks?


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Fact-finding And The Motive Of Fraudulent Clients

Until now little attention has been paid to the motive when interviewing fraudsters. You might say, “It is always about the money, isn’t it?”, but is that really true? Everyone has his own motives. These can be divided into three categories: Pleasure, Prestige and, indeed, Pay-out.


Staged Accidents and Insurance Companies

States like Florida are playgrounds for retirees – and the fraudsters who prey on them. We discuss how staged accidents happen to unsuspecting seniors.


The fast changing role of fraud coordinators and investigators: ‘Adieu Poirot, welcome CSI!’

Committing fraud in the digital era is easier, it does not take much notice of national borders and is therefore very attractive for organized crime. Those who commit fraud digitally need to be recognized and dealt with digitally.


The Importance of Data for a Holistic View on Insurance Risks

Information on the insured persons and assets, claims and detected fraud helps in making well-founded judgements about risks and the value portfolios.


The Journey of the Stolen Object

Every day we are busy tracing the journey of a stolen object, literally and figuratively all around the globe. Our primary motivation? Crime should never pay off. Never.


The Netherlands Launches Test Case: Insurance Fraudsters in Court Without Police Investigation

The Public Prosecution Service hopes that the higher number of criminal proceedings against fraudsters will also have a deterrent effect.


Why We Are All Fraudsters

What turns people into fraudsters? Is it just opportunity or does it take more that that? Peter Schimmel is partner at Forensic & Investigation services at Grant Thornton. This blog is based on his FRAUDtalk of 15 September 2016.


You Are Never Too Old for Insurance Fraud!

Not all elderly people commit insurance fraud, but the insurance industry can no longer afford to ignore fraudulent claims made by senior citizens.

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