What we do at FRISS?

We make TRUST a default setting in the insurance industry.

By building really smart software we enable insurers worldwide to provide their honest customers the best possible experience while at the same time automatically detecting insurance fraud and identifying high risks. So insurance companies can quickly payout their trustworthy customers, and investigate the ones who try to abuse the system. By not having to cover for the risks brought in by fraudsters, insurers are able to offer you a fair premium. And that’s what we at FRISS call honest insurance!


Say what?! BHAG isn’t a genetically mutated monster; it means Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Our ultimate dream is that in the near future FRISS Score is the global trusted standard for honest insurance. To achieve this we are eagerly welcoming energetic and fun colleagues with an entrepreneurial mindset, who want to make an impact on the insurance industry. Are you ready for an adventure?

Culture Is Everything.

The one thing we are most proud of is our unique culture. We really talk with each other. We have arguments, and solve them. We tackle our CEO at the coffee machine when he’s about to skip the line. We like to laugh, with colleagues in the office or with the ones on the other side of the ocean. We raised Mini Ping Pong into an art form. We play Mariokart on our Super Nintendo – or Street Fighter, if you have to blow off steam. At FRISS, we feel connected to one another.

Our Core Values

We CARE for each other, for our products and for our customers. We develop new ideas and are eager to implement them with success. If one of us is about to drop the ball, we catch it. Even when it seems out of our personal scope. We don’t like but – we use ‘Yes, AND’ to take us further. We respectfully challenge each other on a daily basis. We enjoy a lot of freedom and flexibility to DRIVE towards the same goal; becoming the best in what we do.

Join us on our expedition

Everyone at FRISS adds value. You know how to adapt to a changing environment. You love a good challenge. You learn every day. We encourage you to develop yourself. Because if you get better, FRISS gets better. And that is why we seek professional (duh!) and fun-to-be-with (yes, please!) colleagues who believe in our BHAG.

Insterested in joining our team? Check out open vacancies!

Insterested in joining our team? Check out open vacancies!