German insurer SIGNAL IDUNA is live with the FRISS solution for fraud detection at claims

Feb 9, 2016

Signl Iduna goes live with FRISS claims
Signl Iduna goes live with FRISS claims
Signl Iduna goes live with FRISS claims

SIGNAL IDUNA and FRISS have announced to be live with a solution to fight fraud more structured and effective within the claims process. SIGNAL IDUNA is one of the largest insurers in Germany and decided to integrate a software solution for fraud detection into their claims process.

Therefore SIGNAL IDUNA selected FRISS, which is fully dedicated to fraud detection and risk mitigation for the non-life insurance industry. The project and implementation process were in close cooperation with Gen RE, a major worldwide direct reinsurer and partner of FRISS.

"SIGNAL IDUNA is very pleased with the cooperation and the project in particular since the solution is live within time and budget. It took FRISS and Gen Re only 3 months to get the project finished and the solution integrated,  on both the technical and business side", says Christian Werth (Team Lead of SIU and Project Manager, SIGNAL IDUNA).

Andreas Frentrup (Head of Claims, SIGNAL IDUNA) stresses the importance of a fraud solution: "In the process of fraud detection, it is important to filter out just the suspicious claims. This way, fraud investigators are able to focus their efforts on just those claims that are relevant to look into, resulting in more effective fraud management and an improved loss ratio."

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