FRISS Wins Insurance Business Canada Best Service Provider Insurtech Award

Nov 21, 2023

FRISS has won the Insurance Business Canada Best Service Provider (Insurtech) award. The Insurance Business Canada Awards (IBCA) is an annual event, recognizing and celebrating outstanding brokers, brokerages, insurers, underwriters, MGAs, and risk managers for their achievements, leadership, and innovation over the past 12 months. 

Best Service Provider (Insurtech) – FRISS 

P&C insurers face a myriad of challenges requiring innovative solutions for competitiveness and profitability. FRISS was recognized for its unique value proposition, that centers on understanding the true intent of a customer. They support insurers in establishing processes that maintain a good customer experience for honest customers while in real-time flagging those who could potentially be fraudulent. This empowers insurers to navigate the digital age's challenges, protect portfolios, enhance customer journeys, and adeptly respond to regulator pressures for affordable insurance premiums—always maintaining the highest standards of security and efficiency. 

“FRISS is committed to our client’s success in implementing our solution, ensuring it meets agreed-upon desired outcomes, while adopting an agile approach throughout the project lifecycle and beyond that encourages collaboration and flexibility,” says Roland Schreppers, VP of CX at FRISS. “Our entire team strives to develop a long-term, collaborative partnership that creates shared ownership towards results to maximize the impact of the solutions in supporting the client’s strategic objectives of improving the combined ratio and optimizing the customer experience. This win therefore is truly a huge proud for the team.” 

Embedded in the insurance ecosystem 

“I’m so happy that FRISS won this award. It shows that our years of being committed to the Canadian insurance industry in a multi-faceted manner is being seen and recognized. We are not only dedicated to providing innovative solutions, but also to actively participating in industry organizations, holding key industry designations, and volunteering our time and expertise,” states Sindy Houle, Director of Sales at FRISS. “Through these efforts, we not only demonstrate our commitment but also actively contribute to the industry's growth, excellence, and sustainability. We believe that by fostering a culture of engagement and continuous improvement, we can make a positive and lasting impact on the Canadian insurance landscape, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders involved.” 

About FRISS   

FRISS is the leading provider of Trust Automation solutions for P&C insurers. Real-time, data-driven scores, and insights give instant confidence and understanding of the inherent risks of all customers and interactions.   

Based on next generation technology, the Trust Automation Platform allows you to confidently manage trust throughout the insurance value chain – from the first quote all the way through claims and investigations when needed.   

Thanks to FRISS, trust is normalized throughout the organization, enabling consistent processes to flag high risks in real time.

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