FRISS to use Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service for enhanced AI fraud model explanations

Oct 26, 2023

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service
Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service
Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

Azure OpenAI Service supports honest insurance with transforming alerts for potential fraud into human readable stories

Mason OH, October 26 - FRISS, one of the world’s most implemented solutions for trust automation at P&C carriers, has recently collaborated with Microsoft to enhance its AI fraud model explanations using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. As a Microsoft Global Partner, FRISS is proud of the collaboration that will take explainable AI to new heights. FRISS solutions will be available in the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace – as a transactable offer in both storefronts: Azure Marketplace and Microsoft Appsource.

There are many use cases for Azure OpenAI Service within FRISS solutions, such as using a fraud bot, network explainer, commercial underwriting chatbot, or a claim summarizer. FRISS is also planning to enhance existing capabilities with Azure OpenAI Service such as its underwriting indicator engine, to improve overall accuracy on commercial underwriting data.

FRISS is currently developing a "smart" explanation of its AI models' predictions, aligning with its responsible AI approach. Azure OpenAI Service enables FRISS to present potential fraud cases into more engaging and understandable stories, using the art of storytelling as the essence of the explanation. With this approach, understanding and conveying potential fraud incidents to insurance professionals and fraud investigators becomes remarkably seamless.

Christian van Leeuwen, FRISS Co-Founder and CSO, comments: “Every time our AI model makes a prediction, we automatically create sentences, or bullet points, which explains why the model made such a prediction. Our vision is to transition to a more engaging and user-friendly "smart story" approach, capitalizing on the power of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service."

FRISS chose this approach because it allows for:

  • Better explainable AI: FRISS customers can now grasp the explanations of the AI Fraud Model better, as ChatGPT enables FRISS to create more compelling, coherent explanations compared to the current simple sentences.

“After conducting an initial survey, the response to the ‘smart story’ format was very positive,” says Gian Luigi Chiesa, Product Owner Data Science at FRISS. “We are now working on implementing this approach for a group of pilot customers, ensuring its seamless integration and effectiveness.”

FRISS’s commitment to enhancing fraud model explanations and providing a transparent, unbiased experience for its customers remains unchanged. “As we move forward, we envision even more possibilities, with plans to release use cases for our customers based on generative AI, such as large language models, into our platform in the first half of 2024. This collaboration is just the beginning of our journey towards a more secure and trustworthy future in the fight against fraud,” concludes Van Leeuwen.

“We are pleased to support the digital transformation of business processes in the insurance industry, especially in this new era of AI,” says Matthew Kerner, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Cloud for Industry. “FRISS brings differentiated new experiences to insurance customers with the power of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. With a deep understanding of the insurance domain, FRISS has the know-how to apply Azure OpenAI Service responsibly to core business processes of insurers and other regulated firms.”

To get started with FRISS, visit the FRISS listing on Azure Marketplace or Appsource. Or come meet the team at ITC Las Vegas, Oct 31 – Nov 2, booth #2034.

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