FRAUDtalks 2016

Sep 22, 2016

FRAUDTalks 2016
FRAUDTalks 2016
FRAUDTalks 2016

Thursday September 15th was the day FRAUDtalks saw the light. FRAUDtalks was invented by FRISS for everybody who works in the insurance industry and fights fraud. 150 Dutch and Belgium professionals gathered in the futuristic museum Beeld & Geluid in Hilversum. The program showcased six inspiring stories, all linked to the fraud topic.

Fresh concept

By launching FRAUDtalks, FRISS choose for a refreshing new event concept. Attendees were presented with presentations of 18 minutes max, aimed at inspiring the audience. The program was short, powerful and had an overall unconstrained vibe. With speakers from Grant Thornton, Nijmegen University, Stokes Interrogation Strategies, Web IQ, Signum Interfocus and PWC an appealing program was brought to the stage. Chairman of the day was Felix Tenniglo. During the break people could join one of the media park tours. Afterwards there was plenty of room for networking whilst enjoying live music.

Knowledge sharing

The reason for FRISS to organize the event was to further enhance and leverage the strong ties with the fraud community. Within this community, the exchange of experiences and information forms an important aspect to solve more fraud cases and stimulate honest insurance. An important role here lies in the cooperation between policy, practice and product.

Looking back

FRISS CEO Jeroen Morrenhof: "looking back on the day I am delighted to see it was such a success. We brought together over 40 companies from The Netherlands and Belgium, which proves the fraud subject is a hot topic. A lot of knowledge was exchanged. Apart from that I got so many positive reactions to the initiative that we are already thinking of making this a yearly tradition."

FRAUDtalks - jeroen morrenhof taking photo

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