Folksam Live With FRISS Case Management Module

Jul 10, 2018

Folksam Live With FRISS Case Management Module
Folksam Live With FRISS Case Management Module
Folksam Live With FRISS Case Management Module

Folksam, one of the largest insurers in Sweden, offering a wide variety of insurance products, went live with the FRISS Case Management module. Folksam was looking for a future proof and modern fraud alert follow-up system. The FRISS case management module was tailored to their needs.

Actionable Insights

One of the main reasons for the on-premises upgrade was the modern look and feel of FRISS Case Management. The cms could support the Folksam way of working. For the investigators is it of vital importance that they can see in one comprehensive environment why certain risks of fraud are attached to a claim. The FRISS Score, the trusted risk indication attached to each claim at Folksam, is shown in a clear and understandable way. FRISS Case Management is an open and transparent case management module. It provides the investigators with all details on how the score has been built, delivering actionable insights. It takes them in an intuitive way through all steps of investigating a claim.

Relevant Screenings

When looking at a screening, all relevant information is shown on one page. The Folksam investigators can see which indicators hit, based on various types of indicators. From here they can dive further in the indicators to get a deeper understanding. For instance, they can check the data sources that triggered a hit; look into the fraud model or show the network viewer capabilities to connect claims, persons and objects. When a follow-up is needed, the investigator can easily create a file in which all relevant information is being stored. This technique is saving a lot of manual labor.

Future proof

Folksam has always been a company that wants to move forward. By implementing FRISS Case Management, Folksam now has a solid and future proof case management module. It supports them in the detection of fraudulent cases. "I am delighted to see that this on-premises upgrade for Folksam went according to plan. We put great effort in providing a case management module that really fits the needs of any investigator. With FRISS Case Management we give the power to the people. It enables them to really get behind the wheel, whilst combining all AI and expert knowledge available in order to fight fraud", said Peter Hetjes (Project Manager, FRISS)

Patrik Lindén (Investigation Manager & Head Common Processes, Folksam): "The FRISS Case Management is a more modern and useful system that supports our way of working. The implementation went well and I am satisfied that FRISS showed their engagement and was open to our suggestions for improvements."

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