People first, technology second - MOI2022

Jun 9, 2022

Ruud van Gerwen

People first, technology second - MOI2022 image
People first, technology second - MOI2022 image
People first, technology second - MOI2022 image

Isn’t it striking, that whenever you go to a conference, you feel energized, pumped up and eager to inject all your learnings into your daily duties – changing the way you worked for good. Only to find that when you get back behind your desk, duty calls and you quickly forget about the important insights you had at the conference. My head too was full of insights when I came back from MOI2022. In order for you to feel like you were part of it too, or simply to remind you of the highlights, here’s my short summary of take aways.

Human to Human

The insurance industry is inherently a human-to-human business. That means that it is driven by people to people for people. The magic of innovation is driven by people. Without motivated and energized employees, the industry cannot move forward and implement all the change that is at hand to support customers in the best possible way. It is all about the customers, however the industry seems to have suffered from a disconnect. Moreover, it is time to look at your customers as humans, not as policy numbers. It was great to see so many initiatives to make this happen and start being a cross-generational partner.

Trust your customers

Trusting your customers is not easy. However, if you find a way to quickly assess when to trust, it will enable you to stop burning employees on time consuming manual tasks. Because data analysis are harder than ever before due to the vast amount data available. Therefore, you want to rely on technology to provide instant trust. If you trust your customers, based on decent data analysis in the background, employees can be much more effective. The work will be more fun too, as there’s more time to look for the best coverage or create a moment of magic when something bad happened.

Sustainability is the way forward

The obvious challenge if we want to be able to still support people in 50 years from now: how to work on sustainable operations? The topic fortunately is on the agenda. And it is there to stay: there’s numerous initiatives out there that can help make a difference. There’s however also a huge business around supporting companies to become more sustainable. Greenwashing has to be prevented – yet what options are the best ones to really make a difference? It is hard to choose. But we have to make a choice and move forward in making this world a better place. The tree-planting exercise at the conference was just a start.

Putting trust in the future

Perhaps it is best to look at the future generation and take the energy they presented on stage when opening #MOI2022 with the dance and closing with all great ideas to innovate our industry. Let’s not forget about all the great learnings we shared and do it for them.