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A FRISS® tem 100% de enfoque e dedicação a fraude, risco e cumprimento normativo para as companhias de seguros, (propriedade e acidentes) em todo o mundo. A FRISS® ajuda as seguradoras a melhorar o Rátio combinado (Combined Ratio) com a finalidade de incrementar a seguradora a obter uma carteira de modo rentável e melhorar a percepção de nossos clientes no mercado como uma companhia de seguros de confiável. A FRISS® acredita em prêmios de seguros justos e honestos, para todos.

Solução de negócio pronta para ser utilizada

Read-to-use Business Solutions

O sistema FRISS® necessita de no máximo 5 meses para ser totalmente implementado e tem um retorno de investimento dentro dos primeiros 12 meses, graças a experiência de mais de 120 implementações em companhias de seguros a nível mundial. A configuração especifica do cliente é a parte principal. A diferença de provedores de software analítico de uso em geral, a FRISS, é uma solução de software específica para as empresas seguradoras e está em sua maior parte pré-fabricada, tendo a opção de ser de acordo customizada com a necessidade de cada cliente em qualquer parte do mundo.


FRISS® Score


Com um padrão aprovado a FRISS® Score possibilita tomar as melhores decisões baseada numa pontuação que indica o nível de risco para cada pedido de cotação, apólice ou sinistro. A FRISS® se preocupa com seu cliente antes, durante e depois da implementação do sistema. O Ciclo de valor da FRISS® oferece um suporte ao clientes durante seu processo de melhoramento contínuo para manter-se na vanguarda não só no presente assim como no futuro, garantindo sua excelência no padrão de qualidade.

Latest thinking

De 5 meest gelezen of bekeken artikelen, blogs en video's

Guidewire Software Presenteert FRISS als Solution Partner

De Ready for Guidewire Accelerator stroomlijnt fraude- en risicobeheerprocessen, verbetert de klantervaring en beperkt kosten voor verzekeraars.


[ebook] – Comparing Insurance Distribution Channels

Distributiekanalen in de verzekeringsbedrijfstak veranderen snel. Als u meer wilt weten over wat dit betekent voor risicoanalyse en fraudedetectie, moet u dit e-book lezen.


De 3 Grootste Insurtech Trends

Voor deze aflevering van FRISS Lab interviewden we Diego Figueroa, CTO bij Osigu. Hij neemt ons mee in de 3 grootste Insurtech trends: AI, Blockchain & On Demand verzekeringen.

De laatste inzichten op het gebied van fraude, risico & compliance: 'fresh from the FRISS Lab'
The latest developments across the P&C insurance industry regarding fraud, risk and compliance.
De laatste ontwikkelingen en expert inzichten in de verzekeringsbranche.
FRISS deelt kennis en expertise op verschillende podia wereldwijd.

Ready-to-use business solutions

Get to know us

FRISS is a fast growing company with an ambition that is driven by passion, focus and dedication. At FRISS, we feel comfortable in being different by having confidence in our knowledge and expertise. That is what distinguishes us in serving our customers. We continuously invest in technology, processes and people. This helps us to further develop, sustain and innovate our business.

Our team

We want our employees to feel valuable and acknowledged for everyone’s own unique contribution to our success. Creativity should not only be a way of thinking, but just as much a way of acting, communicating and decision making.

Our workplace

Being open to new thinking or solutions and daring to discover unbeaten tracks. At FRISS, we encourage exceeding limits since it helps us to exceed our company limits.


We are headquartered at Creative Valley, a carbon-neutral office building that is constructed with sustainable materials. The building is able to store both warmth and cold and it is powered by renewable energy. Working from our office helps us to significantly reduce the footprint that daily business imposes on the global environment.

Why we do what we do

At FRISS, we believe in honest and affordable insurance for everyone. Our question for insurance companies: why do your sincere customers have to bear for the risk brought in by others? In the end it is the society that suffers from fraud. Our mission is to strive for a trustworthy insurance industry, healthy insurance portfolios and fair insurance premiums for everybody across the globe.

    Jeroen Morrenhof

    CEO and Co-Founder

    The title entrepreneur defines who I am. My energy is derived from new initiatives and I do not avoid taking risks. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs who have taught me how to think out-of-the-box, to set high goals for myself and to work to realize them. I am constantly searching for new, innovative challenges. My ambition for FRISS is to help all insurers globally in preventing and fighting fraud and become the number one player for fraud, risk and compliance.

    Christian van Leeuwen

    CTO and Co-Founder

    "Innovation is key to the continuing success of any organization”. Within the organisation I am regarded as the thought leader in the field of fraud, risk and compliance. Currently my main responsibility is the Product Strategy. I am therefore leading the Solutions & Innovation Team in adding new solutions and technology on fraud detection techniques and predictive analytics to the product in order to remain successful.

    Roos Tji


    Wherever I go there is movement or things start to move, in my personal as well as my professional life. My ongoing challenge is to always strive for improvement, by stimulating others and changing the way we work as an organization. This is what motivates and energizes me. I believe in the talents of people and I am thoroughly convinced that these are key to be successful as a company. I am really proud when people discover their talents. The combination of interest, belief and progression defines the person I am and the way I work. Our growth, our people, our product and our ambition: it makes me very proud to to contribute to the success of this company.

    Marc Mulder


    An energetic and experienced commercial manager, that is always looking for the optimum for all parties, is what I am. I value to be a trustworthy, goal oriented and fun person to work with. Some characteristics I would like to think I have: Serious about what I do, authentic, realistic, goal oriented, loyal, team builder, positive, sense of humor, determined, listener (try to understand) and communicate with the desired effect in mind. It is not that often you come across a company like FRISS and to get the chance to contribute to its success.

    Ralf van der Eerden


    I'm an enthusiastic, energetic go-getter. Someone who knows where he wants to be, how to get there and how to make that journey.

    The way I manage my team is by giving them self control as much as possible. The drive to deliver great results should come from them, and it is my task to support the team in the best possible way. Having fun in what we do is an important factor for a teams' success. Challenging, giving responsibilities and supporting the team for 100% is how I guide my team.

    At FRISS I'm challenged on a daily basis to get the maximum out of me and my passion. It is an ideal working environment for people like me.

    Cornelia Dolle


    My motto is: “you can learn from everyone” and at FRISS I get inspiration every day.

    The CFO’s role is to control the organization, but not to limit creativity. System and processes need to be flexible and user-friendly. The only constant factor is change.

    I enjoy working together to pursue joint success.

    Our partners

    We offer our partners the benefits from our platform accompanied by extensive knowledge, expertise and experience within our business area.

    FRISS works with strategic and alliance partners around the world.
    Join our quest for honest insurance!
    Become a partner

    Global presence

    Onze klanten bedienen wij wereldwijd. FRISS is de expert op het gebied van fraude, risico & compliance voor de verzekeringsbranche. Wij hebben een unieke wereldwijde dekking met 130+ implementaties in meer dan 25 landen.

    Verschillende analisten hebben FRISS erkend als de marktleider voor fraude en risico oplossingen voor verzekeraars. Ons doel is om deze positie uit te breiden door het behouden van onze focus en toewijding op dit gebied.



    Orteliuslaan 15
    3528 BA Utrecht
    The Netherlands

    info@friss.com +31 30 767 0352


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