FRISS Raises $65 Million Series B Funding Led By Accel-KKR

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FRISS Risk Assessment at Underwriting

Enable safe quotation, application, underwriting, and renewal processes. Assess underwriting risks in real time.

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[On Demand Webinar] Building a Fraud Fighting Organization. A Fireside Chat with Donald Light & Jim Murphy.


A dose of vitamin E for a healthy insurance portfolio

Nowadays, the underwriting process has become a far more distant affair: insurance brokers rarely visit a client’s home and many consumers prefer to handle their...

This is How AI-Powered Risk Assessment Works

This animation explains ho AI-Powered Risk Assessment works for insurers. Improve your customer experience today.

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Comparing Insurance Distribution Channels

Distribution channels in the insurance business sector are changing rapidly. If you would like to know more about what this means to risk analysis and fraud detection, this e-book is for you.

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Being there when you can’t be there

When traditional people roles become impossible, technology steps up to the plate.


Building Trust in the Digital Age

Online shopping isn’t just for clothes anymore, so how do insurers keep up? Trusting your customers is an important step to gaining and retaining them.

How Insurers are in Control of Risks at Underwriting

4 Insurers Share Their Experience to Stay in Control of Risks at Underwriting.

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Trust Your Customer

Celent analyst Karlyn Carnahan explains how next-level fraud analytics and improving the customer experience go hand in hand.

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Carriers’ Near-Term Necessities: Leveraging AI and Data to Improve Underwriting and Claims Capabilities

Successful insurance companies will think longer term and focus back on the essence of insurance: covering risks for the customer.


Commercial Insurance – Fighting Fraud With One Hand Tied Behind Our Backs

We need to do a better job at Knowing Your Customer. How can we achieve that when the industry standard data capture does not lend...

The Computer says 'Yes'

Automated Underwriting: too good to be true?

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Webinar | Comparing Insurance Distribution Channels:

Learn more about insurance distribution channels and what this means for risks and fraud.

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Data Verification is the Key to Better Risk Mitigation During Underwriting

Risk assessment can improve the underwriting and pricing processes for European insurers. Having a clear picture of potential customers helps to prevent fraud and minimizes...


Demo: How Automated Screening During Underwriting Saves You From Exposing Your Business to Adverse Risk Selection and Premium Leakage

Experience shows us that you only need to reject 1-2% of applicants in order to improve your combined ratio up to 5 points. This demo...


Do You Really Trust Your Customer: 5 key take-aways

Distribution channels in the insurance business sector are changing rapidly. This isn’t surprising considering technology changes even more rapidly, and consumers change along with it....


Embedding Fraud and Risk Awareness Successfully in the DNA of the Company

Thanks to their modern data system and collaborative culture, INTERAMERICAN achieves a balanced insurance portfolio and good insights in risks they carry.


Fighting Insurance Fraud Effectively by Aligning Underwriting and Claims

There are two major reasons to work on alignment between the departments Underwriting and Claims. It enhances the profitability of the insurances and also raises...


Honest Insurance for Honest People

FRISS was created when we saw many insurers had not developed their fight against fraud and that ultimately the customer paid the price for this.


How AI is helping insurers avoid major risks and raise customer satisfaction levels

Cyber security risks and business interruption are the most serious threats facing insurers worldwide, according to a report by Allianz Global.


How to Prevent Reputational Damage by Applying Customer Due Diligence

Regulators are conducting robust research on compliancy. Results: the financial sector fails to control customers on Sanction lists, Auditability and CDD.


Improving Customer Experience with Predictive Risk Assessment and Fraud Checks

97% of your customers are “good” customers. By using the right technology, customer experience and loyalty improve significantly.


Information is Power

For underwriters, the term “informed decision” takes on new meaning when it comes to effective risk selection.


Insurance aggregators: the race to the bottom price only has losers

Insurers and aggregators are to some extent competitors and they always will be. However, both have an obvious mutual interest in maintaining a healthy insurance...


Internet of Things a Goldmine for Insurers?

The Internet of Things is here and it's growing exponentially. For insurers this appears to be an untapped area that indeed holds certain obstacles, but...


New Forms of Distribution in the Insurance Market: An Irreversible Fact?

Distribution channels have changed enormously since the internet era. The web is taking over the role of intermediaries, and taking over their power.


Our Customers Are Obviously Not Terrorists. Right?

No financial organization wants to consciously or deliberately cooperate in money laundering practices or even terrorism, and that certainly applies to insurance companies.


The Computer Says Yes – Automated Underwriting: Too Good to be True?

Automated Underwriting was just a trending topic a few years ago, but insurance carriers have begun to realize its true value in dollars. You know...


This is How AI-Powered Risk Assessment at Underwriting Works

Boost your digital transformation. This animation explains how AI-Powered Risk Assessment works for insurers. Improve your customer experience today!

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