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A FRISS View On The Series B Led By AKKR

Series B

The Series B will be used to fuel rapid market expansion, product innovation and the support of safe digital transformation throughout the full policy lifecycle.

Information is Power

For underwriters, the term “informed decision” takes on new meaning when it comes to effective risk selection.

Honest Insurance for Honest People

FRISS expedition to the top

FRISS was created when we saw many insurers had not developed their fight against fraud and that ultimately the customer paid the price for this.

Building Trust in the Digital Age

Online shopping isn’t just for clothes anymore, so how do insurers keep up? Trusting your customers is an important step to gaining and retaining them.

Our Customers Are Obviously Not Terrorists. Right?


No financial organization wants to consciously or deliberately cooperate in money laundering practices or even terrorism, and that certainly applies to insurance companies.

Internet of Things a Goldmine for Insurers?

The Internet of Things is here and it’s growing exponentially. For insurers this appears to be an untapped area that indeed holds certain obstacles, but...

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