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Tackling The Scourge Of Ghost Broking

FRISS Ghost Brokers

Stopping ghost brokers in real time reduces the need for the post sale processes and preventing insurers from becoming an RTA insurer.

There Is More to CLAIMS Than Just “AI”


Dive into the many different aspects of claims and why we have to look outside of AI to find success. Learn why “there’s more to...

A FRISS View On The Series B Led By AKKR

Series B

The Series B will be used to fuel rapid market expansion, product innovation and the support of safe digital transformation throughout the full policy lifecycle.

Using Insurance Data For The Good Of The Customer

insurance data

How does having all the data, models and software in the world benefit the customer? We attended Intelligent Insurer Underwriting Innovation Europe event to answer this question...

Network Viewer: The Future of Fraud Investigations

Network viewer featured image

The Challenge:   Meet Anna. She just got a promotion and now works in the Special Investigations Unit of an up-and-coming insurance carrier. She has been…

Turning the Tables on Trust

Trust is a two-way street when it comes to claims fraud detection and risk selection, but there’s a good ending to the story.

Staged Accidents and Insurance Companies

States like Florida are playgrounds for retirees – and the fraudsters who prey on them. We discuss how staged accidents happen to unsuspecting seniors.

ILC: Shaping the Future of Claims

ILCs best dressed

ILC did a fantastic job in showing that shaping the future is done today. The way we take care of motor claims will be different...

Research Proves Insurers Lack on Fraud Detection


In 2018 the Danish insurance association, Forsikring & Pension, states that Danish insured people pay way too much for their premiums because of insurance fraud.

Fighting Fraud in the Information Age

Nicolas Michellod and Fred Teeven at FRAUDtalks

Nicolas Michellod (Celent): “While the enemy of insurance fraud is not new, the weapons and battle ground are continuously changing.”

No Fraud Flags? No Problem!

Insurers need not worry if their previous fraud cases aren’t flagged. Implementation of fraud detection software can still be an easy task.

Honest Insurance for Honest People

FRISS expedition to the top

FRISS was created when we saw many insurers had not developed their fight against fraud and that ultimately the customer paid the price for this.

Why We Are All Fraudsters

What turns people into fraudsters? Is it just opportunity or does it take more that that? Peter Schimmel is partner at Forensic & Investigation services...

Fraud: the last great unreduced business cost

Fraud is a challenging problem. Its economic effects are significant; less financially stable and profitable companies, worse public services, diminished levels of disposable income for...

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