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Nearly everything in our world has become better, faster and often cheaper than ever. Speed and convenience have altogether redefined what it means to serve consumers. And the expectation for speed and convenience doesn’t stop there. Employees who stick around are strained against higher workloads, and rely on technology to make their jobs easier and more productive.

The insurance industry is stuck in a world where customer loyalty is awarded to those who can deliver the best experience. But insurance companies can’t just underwrite every policy and pay every claim – at least not right away. They need to do their research, and they need to do it instantaneously. There’s a key factor holding back the speed of insurance: trust.

While trust is important in any industry, it’s of ultimate importance in ours – it’s the very concept insurance is built on. For our industry, trust is everything – and it’s as complex and delicate as the relationships it connects. Because of a few bad apples, the industry used to run on distrust by default.

Now, there’s a better way – trust automation.

Empower your employees

Trust Automation empowers your employees to focus on providing fast and reliable services, without burning them out on error-prone, manual tasks.
Knowing when to trust keeps you in control of your processes – automating as much as possible, while signaling employees when a deeper review is needed.
Using models, indicators, internal and external data sources, the power of human interaction, and much more, FRISS has been able to create a solution that will allow carriers to see the overall risk a policyholder would bring to their book of business. It also shows the lack thereof. Meaning, carriers can easily know who they’re dealing with and immediately automate the trust they feel with that reassurance behind them.

Scores and insights give you instant confidence and understanding of the inherent risks of all customers and interactions.
We know trust takes time – but it’s time you no longer have. And Automating might not seem easy, and letting go of something so human is hard. It feels unnatural. FRISS recognizes this challenge, and we’re here to help.

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