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Fully understand your commercial risks

Automate your data gathering process. Understand each risk in real time. Combine internal and external sources for a comprehensive picture of every risk.

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Risk Insights

We provide ease of use and alignment with the digital world by providing an extremely simple interface. Data gathering is  enriched and simplified, aggregating information from traditional and nontraditional sources to build a true picture of each risk. We take on the chore so you can focus on the core – quality underwriting.

Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Insights and Analytics on Risk attributes
  • Customizable based on Carrier’s risk appetite

NAICS Classification

Our software calculates risk based on current conditions and uncovers violations, business practices and previously hidden information. This classification helps ensure honesty, verify necessary licenses and inspections, and allows you to properly write the business you want in your portfolio.

Your benefits:

  • Know your Customer’s Operation
  • Understand if there are multiple operations
  • Gather information/Manage filters based on Carrier’s appetite

Book Snapshot

A book snapshot takes a carrier’s entire clientele and produces information to give them a detailed report about who is risky and who isn’t. Book snapshots are designed to offer updated  information covering every aspect of the underwriting process: liabilities, violations, special conditions, etc. The goal is to offer insurers a way to feel more confident in their underwriting decisions, and always know exactly the risk level of their portfolio.

Your benefits:

  • Audit/Review of programs/MGAs/MGUs/Book Rollovers/M&A’s
  • Reinsure with confidence
  • Portfolio insights for renewal/risk control

ACORD Ingestion

Using forms provided by ACORD, we create a baseline for risk assessment and automate the process of inputting and reviewing that information. This frees up time for carriers, and with the information that the documents provide, we can combine it with our own risk assessment to create a more thorough report for customers.

Your benefits:

  • Automated Data Ingestion
  • Trigger Underwriting Insights using ACORD data
  • Improve data completeness and accuracy

Loss Runs

We extract loss run information and standardize it to give carriers a fully encompassing report without all the work. We save time and offer significantly more information on policyholders by augmenting loss run information with thousands of additional data sources.

Your benefits:

  • Digitize Loss Run forms
  • Standardize Loss run information into carrier standard format
  • Prevent time spent analyzing multiple different loss runs

Automated Identification
Compliance Screening and Audit Trails

Gather data into actionable insights

Dynamic Determinations Enable better decision making for evolving risks

Produce actionable and previously unnoticed content

Alert conditions that affect your decisions

Data harvesting

With data collection from thousands of sources, both internal and external, you don’t have to wonder if any information is missing or inaccurate. Our technology expertly blends and extracts crucial information about businesses to offer you security in your commercial underwriting decisions. We display actionable insights, so you never again have to worry if you’re making the right choice.

Dynamic Determinations

Risks are constantly evolving and in our line of business, it’s vital to stay on top of those changes. To combat this, our technology is designed to enable better decision making through ever-updating artificial intelligence. With a myriad of readily available information, we equip customers to confidently stay up to date on all aspects underwriting.

Image Analytics

One challenge that many carriers face during underwriting is the ability to fully uncover the truth. Humans have innate biases, especially when they have something to hide. However, with our image analytic capabilities and AI, previously unnoticed content becomes actionable insights. Data is the only 100% reliable source and that’s why we focus on turning that into a top-of-the-line product for our carriers.

Language Processing

With thousands of sources scanned and processed at lightning speed, our technology offers underwriters the ability to focus on things that matter most. While they are busy delivering results, our software uses language processing to paw through every aspect of social media (comments, reviews, posts, etc.) to determine whether carriers should be alerted to specific language used that will alter underwriting decisions.

FRISS Underwriting Insights Trusted by the World’s Best

Why do our customers love FRISS?

Customer story

Tier 2 US P&C Carrier

Time savings increase by roughly 90% and risk set goes down from two hours turn-around time to minutes with Underwriting Insights!

  • Automated Data Ingestion
  • Manage multiple, disparate and growing Big Data sources
  • Trigger Underwriting Insights using ACORD data
Customer story

Tier 1 US Carrier

Underwriting Efficiency improves by more than 50% with Underwriting Insights

  • Manage multiple, disparate and growing Big Data sources
  • Incorporate understanding of the risk from structured and unstructured data content
  • Provide a comprehensive risk profile

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