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Comprehensive Overview of all Relevant Fraud Information.

Spend your time on investigations instead of data entry. Reveal hidden patterns and quickly determine the best next steps.

The Best Fraud Detection Engine for P&C Insurance.

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Simplify Your Fraud Investigations.

Boost your productivity by using FRISS Investigations. Manage workloads, register findings, and connect the dots between files. Benefit from 130+ external data source plugins. Get the full picture of each case. The integrated case management module is ready to use out of the box. Take adequate measures and report in a structural manner.

User-Friendly Experience.

FRISS Investigations follows the flow of your daily processes. The SaaS platform has an intuitive user interface to help you focus on your work. The high level of flexibility makes the solution suitable for managing all types of insurance fraud and incidents. Spend your time on investigations instead of data entry.

Share Fraud Cases and Knowledge.

Sharing is caring. Become more effective at fraud investigations by sharing authorized case information and knowledge with internal and external stakeholders. Stay on top of the game and don’t get lost in data, e-mails or files.


Integrate FRISS Investigations into any core system or fraud management system, or use it as your stand-alone core solution for special investigations. To establish an end-to-end fraud and risk strategy, combine FRISS Investigations with our FRISS Fraud Detection solution. The platform is ready to use and has a very short implementation time.

Structured Fraud Investigations.
Reduce Your Cycle Time by 50%.

Prove More Cases in Less Time Structured and controlled investigations

Complete ConfidentialitySecured environment with layered access

Centralized Digital StorageComplete overview of all case information

Enrich Your InvestigationsIntegrated access to external data sources

Prove More Cases in Less Time

Get a clear overview of flagged claims, with a central fraud/incident registration system. Exchange claims and payout information on a structural basis. This can either be through a direct link between insurers or through a national register run by an authority. FRISS Investigation enables an automated registration and enables authorized exchange of information.

Complete Confidentiality

Fraud investigations are a delicate and precise job. Non-authorized employees should never get access to confidential information. With FRISS Investigation you are able to give employees layered access. We’ve got you covered!

Centralized Digital Storage

Investigations based on fraud suspicion can take a very long time, consume large amounts of correspondence and evidence, involve many people and involve multiple investigators. Get improved case registration and structured records of information. Take full control over all cases with FRISS Investigation. Rely on storage in a central place and benefit from a comprehensive overview of all case information.

Enrich Your Investigations

Benefit from external data sources to get a more comprehensive overview of a case. Automatically check backgrounds, verify information and gain ultimate control over a fraud investigation. Save time and report in a structured manner with our integrated case management system.

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