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Fraud Detection and Claims Automation with Next-Gen Fraud Analytics.

Score your claims in under three seconds and enrich investigations with external data sources. Enable claims automation. Pay out genuine claims faster. Reduce your loss ratio.

The Best Fraud Detection Engine for P&C Insurance.

The most hits with the least false positives.

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AI-Powered Insurance Fraud Detection.

Our AI-Powered Insurance Fraud Detection software helps you automatically detect suspicious claims. Reveal networks and discover hidden patterns. Improve your combined ratio up to five percent. Save money by reducing your loss ratio. Detect fraudulent claims and automate your processes.

Seamless Integration Into Any Core System.

Our SaaS business solution has been successfully implemented at 175+ insurers in 40+ countries. Each project goes live within 4 months at a fixed price. Our clients realize an ROI immediately after going live. FRISS integrates seamlessly into Duck Creek, Guidewire, Keylane and any other core system with a minimal impact on resources from your IT department.

Handle Claims with Greater Speed and Accuracy.

Use automated fraud detection in your claims processes to reduce the number of false positives. Score your claims in under three seconds. Automatically recognize genuine claims and increase customer experience by settling them quickly.

Expert Industry Knowledge.

Our software solutions are designed, built and continuously fine tuned by experts with over 1,000 years of experience in the insurance industry. Over the last decade we successfully delivered 175+ implementations at carriers around the world. Together we make insurance more honest.

Reduce Your Loss Ratio.
Improve Your Customer Experience.

Real-Time Detection Catch fraud before claims are paid

P&C Knowledge Integrated in our software

Proven Track Record 175+ implementations in 40+ countries

Seamless Integration Plug & Play into any core system

Fraud Detection and Claims Automation

Our robust detection engine uses automated business rules, self-learning models, predictive analytics, text mining, image screening, device identification and network analysis to deliver immediate, actionable insights. Enable claims automation and improve the customer experience by realizing fast payouts.

Insurance Industry Knowledge

Our software solutions are designed, built and continuously fine tuned by experts with over 1,000 years of experience in the insurance industry. Our staff is 100% focused on the needs of the insurance industry.

Proven Track Record

FRISS is solely focused on the insurance industry and has a unique global footprint with more than 175 implementations in over 40 countries. This enables us to go live within 4 months and realize an ROI within 12 months.

Seamless Integration Into Any Core System

Integrating fraud analytics into your core system empowers claim adjusters with real-time intelligence and actionable insights when handling a claim. FRISS integrates seamlessly into any core system (including Duck Creek, Guidewire and Keylane) and has a minimal impact on resources from your IT department.

FRISS Fraud Detection Trusted by the World’s Best.

Why do our customers love FRISS?

Customer story

Anadolu Sigorta

Anadolu Sigorta had a challenge with detecting fraudulent claims in the claims department. The results:

  • Extra cost savings of 5 million Euro within 1 year
  • Process efficiency from 15 days to 2.3 seconds
  • ROI of 210% within 1 year
Customer story

El Roble

“With FRISS, we are breaking down the paradigm that claims processes cannot be automated.”

  • From Kick-Off to Go-Live in only 6 months
  • 67% time savings at claim handling
  • Reduced administrative costs
Customer story


One of the largest insurers in Sweden fights fraud more effectively in both the claims and investigation process.

  • 20% more fraud investigations
  • FRISS Solution designed to specifically address the unique needs of insurance businesses
Customer story


“Our target is to make sure that high risks and fraud cannot enter our books.”

  • Significant increase in the fraud detection awareness
  • The solution was implemented quite smoothly.
  • Integrated solution both for motor underwriting and claims
Customer story


Reaal is a large Dutch insurer and uses FRISS solutions for all its insurance products. This enables the organization to fully focus on its customers.

  • Seamless integration between internal & external data
  • Healty portfolio growth
Customer story

Signal Iduna

One of the largest insurers in Germany fights fraud more effectively in both the claims and investigation process

  • More effective fraud investigations
  • Implementation within 6 months
  • Hybrid model with Internal & external data models
Customer story


UNIQA notices a fundamental change in consumer expectations and needs. The company is therefore focusing its growth around digitalization.

  • Able to detect and prevent fraud
  • More efficient and profitable operations with FRISS

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