The latest developments across the P&C insurance industry regarding fraud, risk and compliance.

FRISS Joins Duck Creek Partner Ecosystem to Provide Risk and Fraud Detection Solutions to Property & Casualty Insurers Worldwide

Duck Creek Technologies has expanded its Partner Ecosystem program with FRISS, the provider of AI-powered risk and fraud detection solutions for underwriting, claims and SIU.

Reinstating Trust Through Honest Insurance

Insurance CIO Outlook selected FRISS as Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider. An interview with FRISS CTO Christian van Leeuwen.

Insurance Companies Prioritize Fraud Detection and Prevention

The 2018 Insurance Fraud Survey shows a clear picture of the state of the market, including current challenges of fraud detection and mitigation.

FRISS Wins Canadian Insurance Innovator of the Year Award

FRISS has won Insurance Nexus’ Canadian Insurance Innovator of the Year 2018 award, for its AI powered fraud detection and risk assessment solutions.

Digital Transformation In Insurance. What Is The Current State Of The Industry?

Digitalization offers opportunities to increase efficiency, offer new services, build better customer relations and combat fraud.

Norwegian Insurer Frende Selects Claims Fraud Detection Solution of FRISS

From the very beginning their main focus has been the customer experience, especially when it comes to the customers experience in claim handling.

FRISS Brings Claim Fraud Analysis to a Next Level With Web-IQ´s Innovative Online Network Solution

Leveraging the value of online information for insurers is the start of a new era in the fight against fraud.

Unique Partnership Between Rabobank and FRISS Untaps the Value of IBAN-Name Check for Insurers to Reduce Fraud

Insurance companies can now also use the Rabobank SurePay IBAN-Name Check, an innovative service that checks whether the name and the IBAN number match.

Folksam Live With FRISS Case Management Module

Folksam was looking for a future proof and modern fraud alert follow-up system and found that the CM2 case management module was tailored to their needs.

Comparing Insurance Distribution Channels: 5 key take-aways

Distribution channels in the insurance business sector are changing rapidly. This isn’t surprising considering technology changes even more rapidly, and consumers change along with it. Will the cloud beat the agent, or will they be joining forces?

Fraud Prevention: The Insurtech Insider Podcast ft. George Herber

In this 11FS podcast insurtech experts give you the very latest in fraud prevention in insurance.

Krzysztof Jablonski appointed as FRISS Sales Manager for the CEE Region

"I am keen to use my vast industry knowledge in order to support honest insurance in the CEE region", said Jablonski on his appointment.

Strong Market Demand for Fraud Analytics in North America Drives FRISS to Expand Operations

FRISS Appoints High-Profile Executives to Lead the Expansion in North America.

Internet of Things a Goldmine for Insurers?

The Internet of Things is here and it's growing exponentially. For insurers this appears to be an untapped area that indeed holds certain obstacles, but at the same time has the potential for great opportunities.

6 Learnings: How to Successfully Align your Organization When Starting an Anti-Fraud Project for Insurance?

You acknowledged that you (and fraudsters) are working in a digital insurance working space, which requires fraud fighting technology accordingly. Now what?

FRISS Announced as new Solution Partner for Guidewire Software

The Ready for Guidewire accelerator streamlines fraud and risk management processes, improves customer experience, and reduces costs for insurers.

Identity Fraud – Automated Detection Systems Protect Both Insurers and Citizens

With a well-organised automated risk analysis and fraud detection, the chances of fraudsters getting into the portfolio become considerably smaller.

FRISS Appoints Mark Engelhart As DPO

Mark is schooled in the fields of Criminology and Law, and is experienced in combatting identity fraud and research into organized cybercrime.

FRISS in DIA Top100 Insurtech, Oxbow Impact25 and Inc.5000

DIA, Oxbow Partners and Inc. have rewarded FRISS for the continuous and successful quest for honest insurance.

“Contribute Globally to Honest and Affordable Insurance for Everyone”

Interview with FRISS CEO Jeroen Morrenhof who has led the company in growing the FRISS Score to be the insurance standard for risk management and fraud detection in Europe. What will be the next steps in becoming the global standard in this field?

Fighting Insurance Fraud a Priority in 2018?

As the awareness for insurance fraud detection and prevention is growing, 2018 might be the time to start in order not to fall behind.

FRISS Raises €15 Million in Series A Funding

FRISS announced that it has closed a €15 Million Series A funding. The investment is led by Aquiline Technology Growth (ATG) and Blackfin Capital Partners, two companies with deep expertise in insurance and technology.

FRISS wins top prize of $1.5 million at VentureClash 2017

Matt McCooe, CEO of Connecticut Innovations: “VentureClash again attracted an impressive list of innovative, early-stage companies poised for growth. FRISS has the kind of innovation that insurance companies in the Hartford area have been craving.”

FRISS One of the VentureClash 2017 Finalists

The nine finalists from seven countries will present in front of a panel of expert judges at the Yale School of Management on Friday, October 20.

FRAUDtalks 2017

On Thursday, 21 September, more than 150 insurance industry professionals met at the National Military Museum in the heart of the Netherlands.

Fraud Analytics is stated as an Emerging Technology in Gartner’s 2017 Hype Cycle for P&C Insurers

The ever advancing real-time fraud solutions can be fully integrated in the underwriting and claims processes and are optimized to help solving the insurance fraud challenges.

Curtis Bledsoe appointed as Security Officer at FRISS

FRISS, the global fraud, risk and compliance software company, welcomes Curtis Bledsoe as their Security Officer.

Insurers Take to The Sky. Drones Help Determine Value, Damage And Detect Fraud.

A drone can quickly collect a large amount of footage of the affected property and its surroundings. In addition, photos can also be taken of places that are dangerous and difficult to access. These insights help the experts to quickly arrive at the most accurate cost tag.

On Demand Insurance Really Does Make the Customer King

Advances in technology also mean that the insurance sector is rapidly developing its services. The rise of on demand insurance allows the customer to really become the king.

Insurance Fraud Cases Doubled: Insurers are More Effective in Fraud Detection

Insurers are now better at detecting who is committing fraud, when they are committing fraud and what kind of insurance is involve. Insurers are getting smarter and more effective in detecting fraud.

Image Analytics: DIA 2017 Video of FRISS Presentation

Adding images to prevent or detect fraud in Underwriting, Claims or SUI processes: FRISS developed a tool to check and verify uploaded images to detect anomalies. Co-founders Jeroen Morrenhof (CEO) and Christian van Leeuwen (CTO) presented a demo during DIA 2017 in Amsterdam.

Eurolife ERB Chooses FRISS Solution for Underwriting and Claims

Eurolife ERB selected the FRISS solution to confront insurance fraud more effectively. The insurer is using Risk Assessment at Underwriting and Fraud Detection at Claims.

5 Reasons Why Insurers Should Start With Automated Fraud Detection

Across the globe, insurers are modernizing core systems, starting online channels and automating fraud prevention tools. Organizations need to orchestrate this properly.

DIA 2017: FRISS Wins DIAmond Award for Best Show & Tell

During the Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) Amsterdam on 10 and 11 May, several ‘insurtech’ companies showed their latest developments to the insurance market. After an engaging presentation and live demo, FRISS was elected the best “Show & Tell” with a DIAmond Award.

EVRY and FRISS Introduce “Fraud Detection as a Service” in the Nordics

Together, they deliver an innovative fraud prevention and detection solution for the Nordic insurance industry. This partnership strengthens EVRY’s position as a leading solution provider to the insurance industry, and will further expand the FRISS footprint in the region.

Insurers: Go Cloud or go Home? SaaS Versus On-Premises Applications

Until about ten years ago, insurance company IT managers and compliance managers would never consider storing their data off-site. An increasing number of companies are nowadays immediately opting for SaaS when they purchase a new system or a new application.

Seguros el Roble Chooses the FRISS Solution to Fight Insurance Fraud

Seguros el Roble announced that it has selected FRISS, in cooperation with Munich Re, to provide a fraud detection platform for claims in order to fight fraud in a more structured and effective way. Seguros el Roble is the largest private insurance company in Central America and is the first insurer in Latin America to use FRISS for automated fraud detection.

FRISS and Gen Re at Messekongress Schadenmanagement & Assistance 2017

On 28 and 29 March 2017, the 10th Messekongress Schadenmanagement & Assistance took place in Leipzig, Germany. During this event, FRISS and Gen Re were present as partners to exchange knowledge in the field of claims management and insurance fraud detection.

DLL Automates Contract Drawing with Solution for Signatory Authorization by FRISS

Manager Implementations Vendor Finance Roel Smolders, and Project Manager Theo Eykholt from DLL tell about their solution for signatory authorization. They developed the solution together with FRISS.

Tieto Partners with FRISS to Fight Insurance Fraud in the Nordics

Tieto and FRISS announced a partnership that combines Tieto’s in-depth knowledge of the Nordic insurance market and FRISS' expert fraud detection and prevention solutions.

Celent Profiles FRISS in Latest Data Vendors in Insurance Report

Analyst firm Celent has released a new report titled Data Vendors in Insurance: A Snapshot. FRISS is one of the vendors listed with a full profile. Celent agrees with FRISS’ recent finding that data is currently the biggest challenge for insurance companies.

Turkish Insurer Anadolu Sigorta Live With FRISS Solution for Fraud Detection

Anadolu Sigorta is one of the largest providers of non-life insurance services in Turkey, with over 1 billion Euro in gross written premium (GWP) in 2016. The company turned to FRISS because the insurer is aware of the threat from fraudsters.

The 8 Biggest Fraud Challenges for Insurers

The insurance industry is modernizing fast in numerous ways. Hot topics such as insurtech, mobile adoption, blockchain and predictive analytics are just a number of improvements that change the way insurers work. However, insurers face a number of challenges in effectively responding to fraud.

Seize the Opportunity of Digital Transformation to Fight Insurance Fraud

The insurance industry is transforming digitally and most insurance companies have set their first steps. The benefits strongly outweigh the risks.

Power Breakdown Data Centers Did Not Harm Uptime FRISS Platform

Last January, Amsterdam and its surroundings were almost completely shut down by a big power breakdown. Those are the moments of anxiety for users of SaaS software as well: will my application still run?

A Fraud Aware Organization is Key to Prevent Insurance Fraud

In order to fight fraud effectively, it is critical to establish fraud awareness throughout the entire organization.

Leverage data from telematics to efficiently assess claims

Telematics is a heavily discussed topic in the insurance industry. Despite the interest, adoption is not yet common practice.

Data is the biggest challenge in the fight against fraud

The biggest fraud challenges for insurers are related to data: issues with data protection and privacy, inadequate access to external data sources and problems with internal data quality.

Mapfre Middlesea joins FRISS anti-fraud platform Malta

Mapfre Middlesea plc has signed an agreement which paves the way for the Company’s participation to the anti-fraud platform developed by FRISS.

FRISS publishes findings Insurance Fraud & Digital Transformation Survey 2016

On November 17th FRISS published the report of its “Insurance Fraud & Digital Transformation Survey 2016”. The survey was conducted to get direct input on trends, challenges and the current state of the insurance industry. Input was provided by 160+ insurance professionals from 25+ countries.

Fraud: the last great unreduced business cost

Fraud is a challenging problem. Its economic effects are significant; less financially stable and profitable companies, worse public services, diminished levels of disposable income for all of us, charities deprived of resources needed for charitable purposes. In every sector of every country, fraud has a pernicious impact on the quality of life.

The time to unite in the fight against fraud is now

Given the initiatives that are deployed and the growing fraud awareness, the momentum to really start cooperating seems to be right now. Commercial reasons should not prevail over the advantages of working together. The benefits are obvious.

Price and coverage decisive considerations when choosing insurance

For consumers it comes down to the price and coverage as the most important considerations when choosing an insurance policy. Furthermore, there is a lack of confidence. The large share of consumers have their doubts concerning insurers' good intentions.

Anti-money laundering guideline reinforced by European Parliament

The fight against money laundering is a priority on the political agenda. Recent terrorist attacks have made the European Parliament reinforce the fourth anti-money laundering guideline. The guideline includes strict measures concerning customer screening. This means that the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AML) will be adjusted.

Insurtech is the big next thing- Emerce states FRISS as disruptor

Instead of fearing insurtech entrants, use them for the better. In a redefined global economy, the need for insurances will not faint. However, if everything is offered on-demand, insurance products in their current shape do not suffice anymore. They have to be on-demand as well, like the insured products or services.

What can insurance regulators around the globe learn from the Philippines?

The Insurance Commission (IC), a regulator for the Philippine insurance industry, has undertaken serious anti-fraud measures. The organization has issued guidelines requiring all life and non-life insurance companies to formulate and maintain procedures for the monitoring and early detection of insurance fraud.

FRAUDtalks 2016

FRAUDtalks was invented by FRISS for everybody who works in the insurance industry and fights fraud. 150 Dutch and Belgium professionals gathered in the futuristic museum Beeld & Geluid in Hilversum.

Insurance Fraud & Digital Transformation Survey 2016

What are the biggest challenges the insurance in the industry concerning fraud and digital transformation? How does your organization cope with these challenges? And how do you compare to other insurance companies? Take 6 minutes to complete the online survey and get a benchmark from the insurance industry.

Insurtech companies feared by insurers

Insurance companies believe that insurtechs better anticipate on current trends. Established insurers expect to lose 20% of their revenue to new entrants over the next four years. A shocking indicator: most insurers have no clue what to do with blockchain technology.

Aite Group acknowledges FRISS in global fraud solutions market study

For insurance companies that want fraud management to be data-driven and buttressed by expertise, FRISS is a great solution. This one of the findings from research by Aite Group, captured in its “P&C Insurance Fraud Solutions: Beyond Pay and Chase” report.

On Demand insurance on the rise

The gap between covering everything every time and covering precisely the risks faced at a certain moment, called for a new type of insurance. As such, the so called on demand insurers are on the rise. Insurtech companies specialize in covering only those risks faced at a certain moment.

How telematics reduces car insurance fraud

Insurers benefit as they are able to respond faster to customer claims by using the accident data provided by telematics-equipped vehicles. This results in increased customer satisfaction and retention. It also provides additional opportunities to reduce investigation costs and avoid fraud.

Insurers struggle with innovation

Innovation is not something that can be reached within a day. It requires serious efforts, a clear vision and, most of all, dedication. Replacing legacy systems is a head-aching operation, let alone the risk of losing valuable data on policies, claim history and customer contacts.

FRISS and Claims Corporation Network announce partnership

FRISS has established a partnership with Claims Corporation Network (CCN). CCN offers solutions in the management of national and international claims. The cooperation is aimed at offering CCN clients a state-of the-art IT solution.

Social media and digitization in the fight against insurance fraud

How convenient would it be for insurers if they could just add individuals on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform in order to track & trace behavior? This would give insurers a powerful weapon in the fight against fraud.

Is access to public data an utopia for insurance companies?

Access to public data would be a breakthrough in the fight against fraud, as fraudsters are getting smarter in their attempts to evade the insurer’s radar. This data can not only benefit fraud management during the claim process, but also be valuable during risk assessment at underwriting.

Embedded technology in cars is pressuring the loss ratio of motor insurers

The loss ratio of motor insurers is rising and this is partly due to the amount of electronics embedded in modern cars. While the number of claims has fallen over the past five years, the average amount per claim has grown rapidly over this same period.

FRISS at DIA Barcelona: Supporting honest insurance worldwide

On 20 and 21 April 2016 the Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) took place in Barcelona, Spain. As one of the 50 most innovative fintechs in insurance FRISS was invited to share expertise on stage.

Turkish insurer Anadolu Sigorta selects FRISS solution for fraud detection

Turkish insurer Anadolu Sigorta has selected FRISS to provide a fraud detection platform for claims in order to fight fraud in a more structured and effective way.

FRISS and InShared present: How to build a healthy online portfolio?

Together with InShared, at its launch the first 100% online insurer in The Netherlands, FRISS explained how an online insurer can build and maintain a healthy portfolio. Key to success: effective risk assessment at underwriting.

FRISS sharing knowledge at Excellence in Insurance Fraud Management 2016 in Berlin

On 12 and 13 May 2016, FRISS spoke about fraud detection at claims and risk assessment at underwriting during the Excellence in Insurance Fraud Management conference in Berlin.

Fraudsters on the move: insurance staff targeted for customer data

The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) is warning insurance staff about approaches by fraudsters trying to get access to customer data. Reports indicate that criminals are on the move to target personnel in cafés, public transport or social media.

Thomas Brinkmann as a key note speaker presented FRISS at IIF 2016

International Insurance Forum (IIF) 2016 took place on 17-19 April in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Thomas Brinkmann (Country Manager Greece & Cyprus, FRISS) presented a case study and best practices in fraud detection and risk assessment.

FRISS selected as one of 50 most innovative fintechs in insurance

As one the most innovative fintechs in insurance, FRISS was invited to share its expertise in a presentation at the Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) in Barcelona, Spain. Therefore Jeroen Morrenhof (CEO and co-founder) and Christian van Leeuwen (CTO and co-founder) proudly presented the FRISS Score.

How can commercial insurers make the change to straight-through processing?

The time has come to boost the automation of commercial lines insurance to a higher level. Combining state-of-the-art technologies in the underwriting process and policy administration leads to lower costs for the insurer.

Insurers lack compliance with Sanction Law

The compliance level at several insurance companies is too low due to a lack of actions that were taken to thoroughly assess customers with a high risk profile. With European legislation on the rise, this is an issue that many insurers in Europe may be facing on the short term.

Popularity ‘Pay How You Drive’ insurance grows rapidly

The sale of car insurance based on telematics, including ‘Pay How You Drive’ policies, has increased over 40% over the past year in Great Britain. Telematics insurance uses real-time data to monitor an insured’s driving behavior and calculates the premium accordingly.

FRISS listed as Representative Vendor in 2016 Gartner Market Guide for Insurance Fraud Analytics

FRISS, leading expert in fraud detection and risk mitigation for insurance companies, announced that is has been listed as a representative vendor in a Gartner research report Market Guide for Insurance Fraud Analytics, published in March 2016.

The ongoing discussion between insurers and car repair shops

The insurer and the repair shop are not on the same page when it comes to repair estimates. They both have the feeling the other party is calculating in its own favor in order to push revenues or reduce costs.

Increasing loss ratio, decreasing premiums

Profitability within the motor insurance industry is under pressure. The loss ratio keeps growing while premiums are being squeezed.

Greek insurer Interamerican chooses FRISS solution to fight insurance fraud

FRISS announced that Greek insurer Interamerican has selected the FRISS solution to fight insurance fraud more effectively. The company will be using FRISS to assess risks at underwriting and to detect fraud during the claims process.

FRISS presenting at Stanford University (CA, USA)

FRISS was invited to present at the very first Shiny Developers Conference in California on Sunday the 31st of January. FRISS analytics was one of 4 groups that were selected out of a total of 100+ entries to give a detailed look into what the company can do with R.

Mobile apps are changing claims

Insurance companies are examining how to make the claim process more efficient for their customers. Processing claims takes time and resources, regardless of size. New mobile technologies comprise advantages and disadvantages for both insurers and insured. Is the insurance industry up for it?

German insurer SIGNAL IDUNA is live with the FRISS solution for fraud detection at claims

SIGNAL IDUNA and FRISS have announced to be live with a solution to fight fraud more structured and effective within the claims process.

Turien en Co. live with FRISS solutions

As of January 1 Turien & Co. is live with the FRISS solutions Risk Assessment at Underwriting for policies as well as UBO & Compliance Screening.

Insurers need to become more transparent about claims payout details

The chance of pay-out for insurance motor claims is 99%, states the Association of British Insurers (ABI). The move is part of a push to improve the industry’s image, which many people inside and outside insurance see as a weak spot.

FRISS hits the newspapers: ‘Fraud as part of the game? No way!’

Insurers accept the losses that originate from fraud and eventually the genuine customer is presented the bill. That’s it. Morrenhof decided this could be changed and founded FRISS in 2006.

Working together in the fight against insurance fraud

On 21 and 22 January FRISS has shared knowledge on the 5th Uniglobal Claims Management Conference in Prague, Czech Republic. FRISS’ presentation was marked by the question: how can insurers better cooperate in the fight against organized insurance fraud?

Insurers should think more as a fraudster

The insurance industry should become more streetwise in its approach towards insurance fraud. Fraudsters are getting smarter and more organized in their attempts to evade the insurer’s radar.

Huge insurance fraud case in Malta against 22 persons is triggered by FRISS solution

Court proceedings have been this morning against 22 persons for allegations of their involvement in a massive case of insurance fraud, triggered by state-of-the-art anti-fraud software which motor insurers have heavily invested in

Microsoft interviews FRISS for OnWindows magazine

For the latest edition of its OnWindows magazine, Microsoft has interviewed FRISS on the effectiveness of insurance fraud analytics during the claims process.

Effectiveness of insurance fraud investigation increases

Insurance companies in the Netherlands have conducted more successful fraud investigations. More proven fraud is found at underwriting, for instance when wrong information is provided or kept silent when applying for a policy.

FRISS completes acquisition of Krammer

FRISS completes acquisition of Krammer. The mutual vision is to strengthen the support that we provide for the community of fraud investigators in Europe. in order to better fight and prevent fraud

Compliance level often not sufficient

In November 2015, the Dutch National Bank (DNB) has investigated the execution of the Sanction Act (SW) in The Netherlands. Insurers and other financial institutions are struggling to align measures that comply with the Sanctions Act with their specific risk profile.

Folksam live with FRISS solution Claims | Fraud Detection

One of the largest insurers in Sweden, Folksam, is live with the FRISS solution Claims | Fraud Detection. The project has been delivered within time and budget. Klas Beskow, Head of Investigations: "With the FRISS solution we foresee that we are going to deliver 15-20% more investigations to the company."

Is voice stress analysis more valuable than flipping a coin?

Delta Lloyd is starting a pilot with voice analysis to detect fraud at insurance claims. Innovative software is able to measure the emotion in a customer’s voice. Based on this, the claim handler can make an objective assessment of the validity of certain statements and he or she can then ask specific follow-up questions.

High-tech motor claims fraud: A faceless threat

Fraud has gone high tech and hackers using the internet can become a real danger. Now the industry is starting to use high-tech methods to fight back.

Industry recognition: FRISS wins three awards

FRISS is glad to announce that it has received three different awards: The High Growth Award, Main Software 50 and FD Gazelle 2015.

FRISS becomes a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Gold Certified Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and have the closest working relationship with Microsoft.

Pilot: fraud and risk detection for insurance agencies/brokers

NVGA (Dutch Association of Insurance Agencies/Brokers), Verbond van Verzekeraars (Dutch Insurance Association), ANVA (policy administrator) and FRISS are bundling the forces to fight fraud.

The future is now!

On Thursday 22 October a completely new FRISS website was launched by the entire FRISS Team at the company headquarters in Creative Valley, Utrecht. State-of-the-art solutions require a state-of-the-art website.

The use of manipulated images in fraudulent claims

Nowadays many insurers are thinking about how to handle the ever growing digitalization which applies to several processes and is increasing exponentially. Not all insurers are aware of how easy it is to manipulate images. By manipulating images, fraudsters can even fake complete claims or damages.

FRISS discussing the future of Nordic non-life insurance

On 2 and 3 June 2015, FRISS has shared expert knowledge in Copenhagen during the Marketforce event The Future of Nordic Non-Life Insurance. CEO Jeroen Morrenhof elaborated on data-driven insights and the power of automated fraud management.

The launch of a brand new initiative: FRISS Lab

Recently, FRISS has proudly launched FRISS Lab, which is an initiative to provide the latest thinking on fraud, risk and compliance for insurance through ‘vlogs’ (video blogging). FRISS Lab takes you into the world of fraud, risk & compliance @Creative Valley and will launch a new vlog episode at least once a month.

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