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Building and sustaining a healthy and valuable customer portfolio with an effective fraud approach for all insurance processes and lines of business

Reaal is a large Dutch insurer and uses FRISS solutions for all its insurance products. This enables the organization to fully focus on its customers.

Reaal has placed its department Fraud & Integrity inside the P&C lines of business. This way, the insurer safeguards an optimal cooperation between the department Underwriting & Claims and the department Fraud & Integrity.

“We use the examples of the fraud cases that we find at claims to make our underwriters more conscious of fraud”

Reaal experiences an increase in the number of proven fraud cases. But what the insurer finds even more important is the growing awareness within the underwriting department. In combination with the FRISS results Reaal sees that the awareness of fraud has improved massively. Underwriting acknowledges FRISS as an extension to its work, making it much better able to assess incoming applications.

“We proactively estimate risk and stop potential fraudsters before they enter our system”

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