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“What I appreciate about FRISS is the fact that FRISS is not standing still. FRISS keeps investing in technology, processes and people to further develop, sustain and innovate their business’’

ERGO is one of the largest insurers in Germany and operates internationally with a focus on Europe and Asia. They are well-known for their broad range of insurance products to serve specific and individual markets. ERGO is currently active in more than 30 countries.



ERGO International found that the risk of financial loss due to fraud can be considerable as well as the damage to its reputation. ERGO International decided to evaluate the way they are managing fraud cases across all markets.


The aim of ERGO International is to prevent fraud by means of appropriate fraud prevention and investigation. When fraud occurs, ERGO wants to minimize financial loss (i.e. become more profitable) as well as the potential damage to their reputation, through prompt and resolute action.

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