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El Roble

”Automated Claims Fraud Detection: from kick-off to Go-Live in only 6 months with STP and direct cost savings.”

“El Roble a multi-branch insurance company which in 2016 made around US $225 million dollars in premiums, in Guatemala and in the region.

Fraud challenges at El Roble

The main challenges that an insurance company deals with is how to transfer knowledge, the expertise that its employees have to an automated process. Using the FRISS tool we are breaking down the paradigm that these processes cannot be automated. Using FRISS we have managed the automation and structuring of the analysis process.

It is very encouraging that companies like Munich Re and FRISS see El Roble insurance as a leader in the region and that they want to implement projects like we do. We are very grateful to them and we are delighted to be in this partnership.

Not reinventing the wheel

Internally, we always strive to identify any potential cases of fraud. However when we saw the FRISS solution, which is a solution that is implemented in many countries and in many insurance companies, we thought: we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. It already exists and it is easy to implement. And so, that is what we did.

Before implementing FRISS at El Roble, fraud detection was quite empirical. Based on the experience of different employees who work in this field. Today, having implemented FRISS we can say that we have a very reliable tool for detecting fraud. This makes us feel more confident because the process flows far more efficiently.

Pleasant atmosphere

The implementation of this project and the people involved created a very pleasant, professional and lively atmosphere. For us at El Roble, it was very important that this project was finalised on time. We coordinated between the El Roble team, the FRISS team in The Netherlands, and the Munich Re team in Germany.

It was an implementation which really required great collaboration from the technology team of our company, from the FRISS marketing team, and from the FRISS Munich Re and El Roble implementation team.

Implemented in record time

And really, we are very proud that we have finalized this project in record time in Guatemala. What we strive for specifically, is to be innovative. Part of the culture of our corporation is innovation and technology. When Munich Re presented the FRISS project to us, it was like seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

We would like to thank the FRISS team, the Munich Re team, and the El Roble team for an excellent implementation. Without all the support they provided it would have been impossible to achieve the success we achieved.”

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