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[On Demand Webinar] – Thwarting COVID-19 Claims Fraud

How do you differentiate your insurance business during the COVID-19 crisis? Join our expert panel for a candid discussion on the immediate and long-term effects of the Coronavirus on insurance carriers and their customers.


7 FRISS Tips To Make Better Video Calls

In today's Working From Home (WFH) world, video calls are of vital importance. We made a number of 'rookie' mistakes, and love to share our learnings.


Being there when you can’t be there

When traditional people roles become impossible, technology steps up to the plate.


Coronavirus, what have you done?

The pandemic impacted the insurance industry in both predictable and unexpected ways.


Coronavirus, where are we now?

The coronavirus creates circumstances for growing insurance fraud: pressure, opportunity and rationalization. Are you ready for it?


Customer Satisfaction in Times of Crisis

COVID-19 is causing economic hardship for consumers, businesses and communities. Insurance companies play a vital role during times like this .


How Covid-19 Can Drive Safe Digital Insurance Transformation

As insur­ers drive digital change, it is important they remember to in­clude fraud prevention as part of their digital toolkit.


How Has Data Science Transformed Insurance?

With the advancements in data science, it’s becoming easier to create unbiased models that play a part in decision-making and claims processing.


Insurance Fraud in Times of Crisis

Insurers must be prepared for the inevitable increase in fraud that occurs during times of crisis.


Keeping Predictive Fraud Models Accurate In Exceptional Times

COVID-19 did not break our predictive models. As the Head of Data Science for FRISS it makes me proud to remain in control during these exceptional times.


My 3 Main Takeaways from Insurance Innovators: Fraud & Claims Event

Wondering what the future holds for the field of insurance fraud? Read our 3 main takeaways from the Insurance Innovators: Fraud and Claims event


Process Automation Momentum Calls For Real-Time Insurance Fraud Detection

When speed and safety come together, carriers can take full advantage of digital transformation – realizing high customer satisfaction and a healthy bottom line.


Technological Insurance Fraud Fighting Challenges In Latin America

This article emphasizes the struggle that the Latin American Insurance market has encountered in fraud detection since the emergence of COVID.


Thwarting COVID-19 Claims Fraud

The lines of right and wrong are easily blurred in times of economic crisis. Tom Hawkins and Dan Gumpright discucss how to avoid claims fraud during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Trust Your Customer. How Digital Trust Strengthens Customer Loyalty.

Trust your customer. Celent's Karlyn Carnahan explains why increased digitization asks for safe real-time interactions.


What We’ve Learned From Previous Crisis On The Rise Of Insurance Fraud

The help of an automated solution to identify the risks for each SME policy application or claim could save insurers a lot of stress and money.

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