Curious why Trust Automation is the new insurance industry standard? Read all about it here

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FRISS Compliance Screening

Avoid reputation loss and financial penalties. Exercise Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Know Your Customer (KYC).

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How Precious is Your Privacy?

Privacy is very precious. But it is a double-edged sword. As we see the value of all this data, we can use it. But we also know it can be used against us.


How to Prevent Reputational Damage by Applying Customer Due Diligence

Regulators are conducting robust research on compliancy. Results: the financial sector fails to control customers on Sanction lists, Auditability and CDD.

Building a fraud fighting organization.

Insurance fraud is a hot topic. What can you do to step up your battle against fraud, while at the same time improve the journeys of your legitimate prospect and claimants?

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How Insurers are in Control of Risks at Underwriting

4 Insurers Share Their Experience to Stay in Control of Risks at Underwriting.

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Insurers Lack Compliance With Sanction Law

Research has indicated that insurers are not taking enough precautions to avoid infringement of the Sanction Law (SL). Discover how to overcome this.


Our Customers Are Obviously Not Terrorists. Right?

No financial organization wants to consciously or deliberately cooperate in money laundering practices or even terrorism, and that certainly applies to insurance companies.


The EU’s Artificial Intelligence proposal is here: A first look at the requirements

The EU's Artificial Intelligence Act proposal is here. In this blog, FRISS looks at the classifications of AI and how new requirements will affect our industry, including our own company's approach to the proposal.

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